About Our Academy

Mind and Flex Academy focuses on helping you achieve mental, physical and spiritual balance.

We are here to guide people toward the right path for their own life, and that includes you!

Mind and Flex Academy founders, Sebastian and Paulina, are unapologetically life partners. They share the same visions and the same passions, ultimately creating harmony and balance in their life.

As a whole, we dedicated to providing our audience with cutting-edge content that will truly make a difference. This includes our very own membership, online programs, courses, group classes, hands-on therapy and our dearest Psych-K®, all of which help people find metal, physical and spiritual balance,

“We Believe that Mind, Body, Heart and Soul are One Mechanism.” -Sebastian & Paulina


Executive Director and CEO, Bodyworker and Hanna Somatics Movement Coach



and Holistic Lifestyle Coach

Mind and Flex Academy focuses on what we refer to as the 4 Elements of Health: Movement,Diet,Happiness and Quiet.

Believe us when we say that we’re committed to empowering individuals to transform their way of thinking. This means improving personal health, increasing longevity, achieving personal goals and making a difference in their daily life as well as the lives they touch.

“If you have a Vision -Chase it! If you have a Goal -Achieve it!”

– Sebastian & Paulina

We want to optimise

every area of your life

through the

Mind and Flex Academy

4 Elements of Health


Mission? Vision? Hope?

Our Mission

To bring people harmony by enabling them to find balance, achieve happiness and live a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

Our Vision

To guide as many people as possible towards synergy of mind, body and spirit through the systematic use of specially designed programs.

Our Hope

That you will join us in our journey at the Mind and Flex Academy.